Reinder and his owner Kari Hill

Bucking the odds

Reinder the horse overcomes life-threatening foot injury with treatment from Piper Equine Hospital

Whitney Cutrone

Meet Chief Resident Whitney Cutrone

Whitney Cutrone, DVM, is the Piper Equine Hospital’s latest chief resident. Learn more about what inspired her to pursue veterinary medicine and what she loves about her job.

A brown horse peers through a round opening

Taking the long road

Mare overcomes serious infection and other ailments after professional care at Piper Equine Hospital

Vets work on a giraffe

Tall teamwork

It takes a global team of clinicians to anesthetize and treat the world’s tallest animal

Bunny stands in a stable

Equine emergency

Young mare receives urgent care after incident leaves three legs injured, one limb cut to the bone

Beau races around a barrel

The gift of life

VMC Companion Animal Fund helps make expensive care feasible for horse diagnosed with colic

Horse with colic rolling

Fluid check

New research focused on improving health outcomes following colic surgery

Henry the thoroughbred

Against all odds

Henry the horse defies fate and bucks a typically fatal gastrointestinal diagnosis