Small animal support

The animals we care for need our help. And we need yours.

To learn more about how you can make a difference, please contact:

Jennifer Genzler-Scholl
Director of Development
Phone: 612-626-6501
Email: [email protected]

Will Haugen
Development Officer, Lewis Small Animal Hospital
Phone: 612-625-7714
Email: [email protected]

Veterinarian holding a small white and gray cat

Small Animal Hospital

Our clinical team provides leading care at over 45,000 cases per year at the Veterinary Medical Center, the majority of which are seen at the Robert Lewis Small Animal Hospital. Philanthropy supports veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students, enables access to the latest technologies, and enhances physical spaces for improved patient care.

Golden retriever being petted by a veterinarian and two students

Small Animal Outreach

Financial assistance funds for families and non-profits lower barriers to care for animals in need of treatment. Your gift makes cutting-edge procedures and therapies available to animals in need of a helping hand.

Veterinarian in his research lab

Research & Discovery

Our clinicians and veterinary scientists are dedicated to discovering new diagnostic interventions and therapies for the entire family. Each day, our team learns more about diseases that impact not only dogs and cats, but also show promise in expanding our knowledge base in human medicine.