Our impact

Patient statistics

17,096 total patients

icon of cat

Robert Lewis Small Animal Hospital,
Large Animal Hospital,
Piper Equine Hospital &
West Metro Equine Practice

33,849 patient visits

32 hospitalized patients on average each day

Average visits per patient: 2

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8 years, average patient age
36 years, oldest equine patient
26 years, oldest feline patient
22 years, oldest canine patient
96 service and therapy animals treated
77 K-9 officers treated

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Patients travelled from

42 US states, 2 countries (US, Canada)

Most common states

Minnesota • Wisconsin • North Dakota
South Dakota • Michigan

Who we are

130 veterinary technicians and veterinary technician assistants
95 staff members
55 board-certified specialty veterinarians
37 residents
13 interns

Robert Lewis Small Animal hospital

31 residents
25 services
15 specialty services
11 interns

Top 5 busiest services

icon hospital

Emergency and Critical Care
Internal Medicine
Primary Care
Urgent Care

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11,692 dogs treated

Most common dog names

Lucy - Luna - Bella

Most common dog breeds treated

Labrador Retriever • Mixed Breeds
German Shepherd • Golden Retriever • Chihuahua

3,732 cats treated

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Most common cat names

Luna - Lucy - Leo

Most common cat breeds treated

Domestic Shorthairs • Domestic Longhairs
Domestic Medium Hairs • Siamese • Maine Coon

Busiest dates

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October 7, 2022 – 153 visits 
June 8, 2023 – 151 visits 
August 31, 2022 148 visits

Research and education

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448 students gained experience in the clinic
275 papers published by faculty
61 clinical rotations offered to students

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11 virtual learning events on clinical and
research topics
• Attendees from 21 states, 2 countries
1,370 attendees for online events
2,386 views on YouTube for Animal
Health Education Series videos

Giving (all VMC)

Total funding raised: $2,816,893

Gifts at work

736 Donors
364 clients
253 friends
119 U of M CVM alumni*

*Clients who are also U of M alumni were counted once as clients for this purpose

29 animals served through donor-driven funds that make care accessible to patients by lowering financial barriers for families and rescue organizations

Large animal hospital, Piper Equine hospital, & West Metro Equine practice

2,575 total admissions

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Specialties and services offered

10 Large Animal
11 Equine

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Most commonly treated animals

1,399 horses
76 goats
44 pigs
44 alpacas
44 llamas

icon of horse

Most commonly treated equine breeds

Quarter Horse • Thoroughbred • American Paint Horse
Arabian • Dutch Warmblood